Grazing Minds changing firm post Covid

May 19,2020

This month, we’re starting to roll out a new visual identity to better express who we are and what we do today. This is in-line with the renewed demands of the market, in terms of workforce alignment or product demands.
For instance, more than half of our work for clients now, in areas like design, digital, and analytics, didn’t exist at our firm when we started off and were just an edtech training company.

We at Grazing Minds are excited about the new visual identity, which we think is reinvigorating. It’s all about updating how we communicate, so we can engage with the world more effectively, now and in the future as we continue to change in these uncertain times.

The thrust in these times is to become more efficient, agile and innovative to be a leader with a plethora of products by deeply leveraging the partner network.

We hope Grazing Minds to reach greater heights along with it's partner eco-system , which has been one of it's guiding principles in growing together.

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